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Medical Record Review & Analysis

Careful Evaluation of Key Facts

MRN nurse consultants utilize health science education, critical thinking skills and nursing experience to collaborate with clients in order to provide a variety of medical record and clinical review services and written work products based on the needs of the client, and the complexity of the case.  Work products can include medical record chronologies, timelines, analysis of medical issues, identification of deviations in standard of care, causation assessment, alternative causation and analysis, and identification of clinical experts or missing medical records.

Case specific allegations or claims at issue are evaluated on the basis of:

  •  Information obtained in the medical record review process,
  •  Pertinent medical research,
  •  Review of related client documents.

During this evaluation process, we may determine that specific allegations have no support based on review of the available medical records and related documents. We may also identify other concerns or additional potential defendants not yet named.

MRN has a depth of experience with electronic health records (EHR) from different EHR vendors. Our nurse consultants capably identify questions or issues that may arise from the EHR format, and we alert clients to potential issues related to the production of EHR in a non-native format.

MRN is committed to producing quality work for our clients. As a result, our work product undergoes a critical second level review by an MRN Manager before delivery to the client. This ensures that our medical record review and analysis work product is accurate, thorough, clear, and concise.


No matter whether we request a brief explanation over the phone or an in depth evaluation in a more complex case, the nurse consultants at MRN quickly respond with the needed information.  

Karen McClintic, Liability Claims Manager
Pinnacle Risk Management Services, Inc.