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Founded in 1993, The Medical Resource Network, Inc. SM (MRN) offers specialized expertise in the analysis of complex medical issues to assist with loss prevention, expeditious claims resolution, and litigation support with a focus on the defense. Based in Portland, Oregon with a regional and national client base, MRN's experienced and skillful nurse consultants, supported by advanced technologies, deliver customized work products and services to assist our clients in achieving favorable outcomes. Our case analysis, expert services management and research capabilities, and life care planning are unparalleled.

Another area of specialization is clinical drug trial site recruitment for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies undergoing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigational process for new drugs. MRN also has expertise in providing risk management and patient safety consulting services to a variety of clients, including medical providers and insurance companies. We manage call centers, as well, to assist health care organizations disclose sensitive information and manage risk. MRN invites you to use the links above to learn how we can help you achieve successful outcomes.

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The reason we value working with MRN so much is that they produce a top-notch work product, the communication is excellent, and everyone finds value from their involvement.

Claire Hagan, Complex Claims Manager,
Providence Health & Services


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