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Cost of Care & Medicare Set-Aside Assessments

Tomorrow’s Costs for Today’s Resolution

MRN nurse consultants have broad experience with distinguishing medical costs that are related and unrelated to an incident at issue. Many individuals have extensive and ongoing medical needs and care costs that pre-exist the event at issue in litigation. A common request from clients relates to separating out related and unrelated medical needs and care costs.

Compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Act is necessary when resolving claims involving Medicare beneficiaries. MRN’s Medicare Set-Aside Certified Consultant assists with identification of care from the injury to the point of settlement, and also in evaluating future costs of medical care that may be necessary (the Medicare Set-Aside or MSA).


MRN helped us identify the medical care specifically related to the incident in our case and identify unrelated costs which were due to chronic ongoing conditions.  It gave us the ammunition we needed to effectively settle the case.  

Michelle Branlund, Litigation Specialist
Rite Aid