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Physician Credentialing & Peer Review

Physician Peer Review

Clinical performance evaluations provided by an experienced, independent and impartial third party is essential in today’s healthcare environment. MRN’s customized physician assessment reviews and analysis of medical practice issues are tailored to meet the specific clinical performance evaluation requirements and timeline of the client. We provide focused peer review of individual cases or comprehensive medical reviews of multiple cases to assess a physician’s overall clinical practice. MRN’s goal is to provide a balanced, fair, and thorough review. We do this by involving the right board certified expert(s) and ensuring that all the appropriate documentation is provided for the review, including imaging and office records.

Comprehensive Medical Reviews

MRN utilizes highly qualified and experienced board certified physician peer reviewers in the same specialty as the provider to obtain an objective and well supported physician’s clinical performance evaluation. We have an extensive database of reputable national board certified health care experts. These peer review experts identify deviations in standard of care, determine medical necessity, and perform causation and damage assessments and analysis.

MRN independent medical peer review reports contain clear findings and conclusions regarding the medical management of the case(s) and identify any deviations from the accepted standard of care. Variations from expected outcomes or practice patterns are analyzed for their actual and/or potential effects on patient care and outcomes.  


MRN has partnered with us to provide unbiased, outstanding peer reviews through the careful and skilled selection of respected, discerning physician reviewers. This has been a tremendous help, particularly for matters requiring discretion and an understanding of multi-faceted complexities.

Shannon Alexander, MBA, RN, CPHRM
Risk Manager, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center